Luxury Travel Trunk/Tack Locker
Luxury Travel Trunk/Tack Locker
Luxury Travel Trunk/Tack Locker
Luxury Travel Trunk/Tack Locker
Luxury Travel Trunk/Tack Locker
Luxury Travel Trunk/Tack Locker

Luxury Travel Trunk/Tack Locker

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The trunk features 4 pneumatic, ball bearing casters, 2 of which are fixed and 2 are swivel casters with brakes. By default the wheels are 260 mm in diameter (so-called large balloon tyres) and greatly facilitate riding on marshy or loose surfaces. The trunk's size meets air cargo transportation requirements. Due to size, the trunk's structure is reinforced with additional aluminium profiles. 

Included in this winning trunk is: 

  • Tilt top locker for leg wraps and miscellaneous accessories, with a built-in drink holder; 
  • 2, 3 customizable and removable saddle hangers; 
  • A bottom and 3 side drawers; 
  • Bridle hangers; 
  • Hangers for accessories; 
  • LED Lighting
  • Steel StrongBox and Digital Lock
  • Anti-burglary aluminum roller shutter with a high quality two-point lock; 
  • built-in 12V DC socket for mobile phone chargers, laptop power supplies, etc.
  • Size - 167 x 145 x 67 cm. plus the wheels 
  • Optional Extras can be added at Extra cost to the winner



Representing professional individually made luxury equestrian trunks for distribution in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. 🇬🇧 🇮🇪 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 

Residents of the USA & Canada may enter but must be responsible for any transport costs or related costs to exporting or transporting the goods.

Equi Travel trucks are specifically designed with functionality and luxury in mind for the professional Equestrian.  Each locker is completely individual to YOUR requirements based on our 3 models; The Luxury, Special and Optimal.  Equi Travel Trucks offer Storage space for your saddlery, blankets and grooming equipment aswell as optional extras to enhance your travel storage facility.

These professional trunks are manufactured from aluminium elements with lock and fitting systems sourced from renowned European suppliers.  Made from the very best materials on the market (high quality synthetic plywood, bearings, tyres, high-end slides, ventilation for leather protection, Handles, anchoring rings for transport). Trunk panels are made of highly durable waterproof phenolic plywood. This material is highly resistant to detrimental atmospheric conditions such as humidity and yet manages to retain its own unique and exclusive look.

To ensure the horse's and the rider's safety no sharp edges are found in the equipment. 

Each product is handmade with the utmost care. All models have different storage (drawers, door stool, door nets, cupboards) and have optional accessories inc: LED lights, Safe box, Cover, Heater, Radio, Outside saddle hanger, Full rubber wheels , Mirror, Inside colour(around 10 to choose).  With up to 100 various colour available,  all trunks can also be customised (name of rider, stable, sponsor, country, etc …).

Drawing from extensive experience we never stop updating and improving the design of our trunks. We design our trunks and create innovative and comprehensively practical equipment driven by the ultimate goal - to meet the expectations of our customers and to ensure they are ultimately satisfied with our products. 

3 Models available; Luxury, Special & Optimal

Unique, attractive and functional. These are our three "key-words" and the mission of our Company for the realisation of our three basic models. 

  • Unique: The experience and the passion for this sector has led us to create unique products on the market. Our only purpose is to sell the Equestrian Trunks at the best price with the best quality. Each product can also be customised and made on according to the customer's needs with all the comforts and more options. 
  • Attractive:  The beauty and the elegance of design go together with durability of the materials we have used. What is for us even more important, we combine luxury with horse's safety and customer's satisfaction. 
  • Functional: Our products, with their size and weight, are easily transportable. Above we offer a lot useful spaces to deposit the rider's and horse's equipment. Compartments, hangers and drawers offer organisation, order and comfort for everyone from equestrian community. 

Contact us for Worldwide transport costs and to start the build of your professional and luxurious custom made Equi Travel Trunk!

Please ensure you have read our Ts&Cs before entering.